School visits

Aidan Inspires kids of all ages!

Aidan Eslinger is a 13 y/o author, playwright, and director. His school visits include either reading of his book (K-2) and answer questions or speaking about his love for reading and writing (3 -6 grades) and answer questions. 

His visits are highly interactive and the students walk away motivated and inspired. 

School visits can last from   30 minutes to 1 hour  depending on the needs of the school. 

Fees for School Visits

For honorarium information please contact us using the information below! For locations outside of Central Arkansas we suggest partnering with multiple schools.   

Here's how Aidan is giving back!


Character Assemblies and School Visits

Aidan will be visiting several elementary schools over the next few weeks to talk about Gratefulness! We hope to show gratitude in everything we do! Follow us on social media each week to see what school we're visiting. 


ACT Aspire Incentives

African American males are performing considerably lower on the Arkansas standardized grade level test, ACT Aspire. Our mission is to inspire schools to create boot camps/training sessions for students and to provide incentives for the students who participate. We hope these incentives will encourage students to attend the boot camp and increase their scores.  

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