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Aidan's new book in collaboration with his sister Ariah


This book gives a list of cool careers in alphabetical order.  

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Aidan Eslinger's 5th stage play will premier at the

West Memphis Civic Auditorium 

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Author Visit K-2nd grade

Elementary School Assemblies

Author Visit 3rd -6th grade

Aidan Eslinger school visit

Aidan is an interactive author and speaker. His presentation for Kindergarten through second grade includes him reading his book, playing a game and answering questions 

Author Visit 3rd -6th grade

Elementary School Assemblies

Author Visit 3rd -6th grade

Aidan Eslinger with children at school

For older students, Aidan shares his journey through self publishing two books. He talks about his love for reading and  writing and how hard work brings about great rewards. 

Elementary School Assemblies

Elementary School Assemblies

Elementary School Assemblies

Aidan Eslinger with school children

In this short high energy presentation, Aidan will focus on the school's current theme. Students are able to relate to his youthful spirit and teachers enjoy hearing his success story.  

Church Events

Church Events

Elementary School Assemblies

Aidan Eslinger

Aidan Eslinger is a dynamic speaker/soloist for church events. He helps people of all ages connect with Christ. 


Church Events


Aidan Eslinger

Looking for someone to keep your event moving smoothly, Aidan's upbeat and engaging personality is sure to be a hit! 


Aidan Eslinger Productions

Aidan has written, directed, and produced 4 stage plays

It's Not What It Looks Like - August & November 2019 

Lisa and Marcus's marriage has been on the decline for the past 10 years. Marcus is pulling away and Lisa is getting more and more suspicious. When their family (Mama, Kennedy, and Lil Devin) come to visit all hell breaks loose! 

Sister Secrets- December 1, 2018  &  February 2019

"Sista" has been running her hair salon for 25 years. When it's time for her 3 daughters to take over the business their secrets come out and nearly destroy them! Can they forgive one another and move past all the pain?? 

Grandma's Easter - March 2016

When Grandma is stuck babysitting her 3 sets of grandchildren she has to give them a lesson of the true meaning of Easter. 

Steve Comes Home - December 2014 

Steve is forced to come home for Christmas due to dorm renovations. He realizes that his parents are on the brink of divorce and his high school sweetheart still has feelings for him. Maybe he shouldn't have stayed gone for so long. Can he win her over and help his parents repair their marriage? 


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